Speaker Bios


Dr. Beth Shelly, PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMD, is a doctor of physical therapy and board certified in women’s health. Beth has been working in the field of pelvic physical therapy for over 30 years and has authored 9 professional chapters and multiple articles. She lectures to medical professionals all over the world and owns a private PT practice in Moline, IL were she treats outpatients with all forms of pelvic floor dysfunctions. Beth started the Pelvic PT Distance Journal Club in 2011 and coordinates and manages it each month. She has recently started a Spanish version of the Journal club and is also editor in chief of the ICS Wiki.


Ann Dunbar received her BS in PT from UNC and her Advanced Masters and then DPT degrees from VCU.  In 2012, she became Board Certified as a Women’s Health Clinical Specialist. Her 44 years of clinical practice have focused on outpatient orthopedics with a passion for pelvic and women’s health. In addition to her clinical work, she held adjunct faculty positions at VCU having developed and taught the Women’s and Gender Health curriculum for the PT students for 25+ years. Over the years, Ann has made contributions to Journals and books on the topic of women’s health.  She has held elected and volunteer positions of leadership in the Section on Women’s Health. She co-developed and instructed the SOWH’s Orthopedic Approach to Chronic Pelvic Pain, teaching for 10 years. Ann is the 1998 recipient of the SOWH’s Elizabeth Noble Award for her contributions to the SOWH as well as the field of women’s health physical therapy. Now retired from VCU Health, Ann continues to contribute to a profession she has loved by assisting Beth with the Distance Journal Club.


Trisha Jenkyns PT, DPT, WCS is a board-certified Women’s Health Certified Specialist (WCS).  She received her physical therapy (PT) degree from SUNY-Buffalo in 1982, her doctor of PT from MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2010, and completed her yoga teacher training in 2006.  Trisha has provided orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapy throughout women’s life cycles for 36 years.  Her special interest is in preparation for birth, postpartum rehabilitation, and individuals learning & practicing healthy pelvic floor habits.  As an educator, she leads trainings and workshops for physical therapists as well as exercise, yoga, and pilates instructors on pelvic floor health for men & women.  Trisha also teaches small group yoga/dance/exercise classes with an emphasis on integrating the pelvic floor into movement.  She has worked mainly in private practice settings in the Cambridge, Massachusetts’s area and in Woburn and has mentored many physical therapists in women’s health physical therapy.  She presently lives and has a small PT practice in Stoneham, MA.  She is honored to be a part of the Pelvic Physical Therapy Distance Journal Club because continued focus and discussion are essential to implement more widespread pelvic floor awareness & health.


Jane Franczak is a board certified Women’s Health physical therapist with over 24 years of experience, focusing on orthopedics and women’s and men’s health. She is a Women’s Clinical Specialist, Board Certified CAPP-Pelvic. Myofascial Release Therapist, expert level. After graduating from Boston University in 1992, she began working in outpatient Orthopedics. While working for John Barnes at Therapy on the Rocks, Jane began her training in treatment of the pelvic floor. She continued her studies and achieved the Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy (CAPP). For 10 years, Jane owned a practice at Lake Tahoe, NV and treated a variety of patients including sports, orthopedics and women’s and men’s health. After closing her clinic in Lake Tahoe, she transferred to Johns Hopkins to focus on pelvic floor disorders and mentoring students and physical therapists in the field of Women’s Health. She is an Item Writer for the Specialization Academy of Content Experts. Outside of work, Jane loves to spend her time with her family and enjoys outdoor sports, dancing and traveling.

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Elizabeth Lewis, OCS, WCS, has been board certified in orthopedics since 2004 and in women’s health since 2012. She had been practicing physical therapy with a focus in orthopedics since 1985 and then has focused on women’s health primarily, since 2005.   She also is CAPP-certified. Elizabeth has served in the SOWH as a committee member/leader and has been a practice manager in MA and also a mentor in women’s/men’s health at Lahey Clinic, in MA. She has a part time private practice near her home in Gloucester, MA and also works with Atrius Health in two other locations. She has been a course assistant in the SOWH CAPP courses.   She enjoys expanding her skills and knowledge and helping others to do the same. She tries to live her advice to patients of healthy lifestyle and so enjoys things such as walking or paddling in her beautiful seaside locale, staying fit and a Zen practice (“meditation”).


Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) Neville, PT, DPT, WCS is the National Director of Pelvic Health and Wellness at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers. She is a board-certified Women’s Health Certified Specialist (WCS). Her outpatient clinical practice at FYZICAL in Bonita Springs, Florida primarily serves women and men with pelvic floor disorders. She has developed successful Pelvic and Women’s Health Rehabilitation Programs at premier healthcare organizations including the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (now known as the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab) , and Brooks Rehabilitation in Jacksonville. Dr. Neville has authored and co-authored several research articles and book chapters in the topic of pelvic health rehabilitation. She has presented her research at national and international meetings including the World Congress of Physical Therapy, the International Continence Society, the World Congress of Low Back and Pelvic Pain, and the American Physical Therapy Association. Dr. Neville is a nationally and internationally recognized educator and speaker in the clinical practice area of pelvic and women’s health and rehabilitation. She developed the first credentialed physical therapy women’s health residency program in the state of Florida. She has trained hundreds of physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and physicians in pelvic floor examination and rehabilitation. She is Adjunct Faculty at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers Florida, where she teaches topics in pelvic health physical therapy. At FYZICAL she teaches postgraduate continuing education courses for physical therapists on topics including pelvic health rehabilitation, bladder control, pelvic pain, pelvic floor examination and treatment, and pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation.


Tish Rodriguez received her tDPT from UTHSCSA following her Women’s Health clinical specialist in 2012. Tish started practicing in an orthopedic outpatient setting with a focus in women’s health for approximately 30 years. She has been a clinic director, clinical faculty, owner of a private practice and is currently employed at Brooke Army Medical Center as Pelvic Health Specialist, as well as adjunct faculty in the Army Baylor DPT program.

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Laura Scheufele PT, DPT, WCS is a board certified Women’s Health Specialist who works full time at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. She has specialized in pelvic floor and gender health for over 20 years.  In addition to her clinical practice, Laura is an adjunct professor at University of Delaware, participates in community and professional education, and has a leadership role in the Section of Women’s Health. She has authored a book chapter, a home study guide and several journal articles related to pelvic floor dysfunction.


Michelle Spicka, DPT works as an outpatient physical therapist for Husker Rehab in Lincoln, NE.  Michelle graduated from Creighton University in 2001 earning a DPT.  She completed the CAPP-Pelvic, a Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy in 2008.  Michelle has spent the majority of her 16 years in practice focusing on pelvic physical therapy with a strong interest in chronic pelvic pain.  Michelle holds a second full time job being a basketball coach’s wife and personal chauffeur for her two children and all their activities!

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MJ Strauhal is a physical therapist and specialist in pelvic health at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. She has dedicated more than 25 years of practice to developing and implementing therapeutic programs for the special needs of women, and for pelvic floor dysfunction for multiple populations (men, women, and children). She coordinates a team of specialized physical therapists who deliver these services within Providence Health Systems. Her special interests include pregnancy and postpartum pelvic girdle pain, bladder and bowel incontinence, constipation and obstructed defecation, chronic pelvic pain, post-menopause health, and cancer survivorship. She is the author of “Therapeutic Exercise in Obstetrics” in Therapeutic Interventions: Moving Toward Function, a physical therapy text. In 2016, she collaborated with the non-profit organization Our Bodies, Ourselves (OBOS) to revise and update content on Pelvic Organ Prolapse. MJ teaches for the American Physical Therapy Association Section on Women’s Health Certificate in Pelvic Physical Therapy (CAPP) program. She is board certified in Biofeedback for Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction (BCB-PMD). In 2002, MJ received the Section on Women’s Health Elizabeth Noble Award for her outstanding contributions to women’s health physical therapy. MJ is a nationally recognized speaker and author.


Meghan Swenck is a full time physical therapist at VCU Health in Richmond, a large hospital-owned outpatient facility. She has been working for 10 years in the field of Pelvic Physical Therapy. She treats primarily Orthopedic and Men’s and Women’s Pelvic Health patients. Meghan has completed the CAPP-Pelvic, a Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy and in 2013 became a board certified Women’s Health Specialist.   In 2015, she began learning and implementing connective tissue mobilization techniques as an adjunct treatment and plans to progress her knowledge in this area. Interests outside of work include yoga, synchronized swimming, spending time with family and relaxing with a glass of red wine!