Spanish Version

We are pleased to announce a group of pelvic PTs in Argentina, Spain and Chile are organizing a Spanish version of the journal club.  This group hold a call in Spanish to discuss clinical application.

Please email if you are interested in receiving information and participating.  Make sure to include the fact you want to be on the Spanish list.  Email  Guada Vega if you would like to be considered as a speaker for this group.

Upcoming Dates

May 06 Lic. M. Inés Martí (Argentina)

May Recording

July 01. Lic  Gabriela Klas (Argentina)  cancelled

Agosto 05. Lic Alejandra Budinich (Chile)

Agosto Recording

Septiembre 02.  Gabriela Klas (Argentina)

Septiembre Recording

Octubre 07. Lic Miryam Álvarez (España)

Octubre Recording

Noviembre 04. Lic. Claudia Vera (Argentina)

Novembre Recording

Local call in numbers


Access code 770-409#