Pelvic Physical Therapy Distance Journal Club

A Discussion of Current Literature in the Field of  

Pelvic Physical Therapy (PPT)


Our Purpose

To provide a forum for discussion of current research and new ideas in the field of pelvic physiotherapy. Research in this area is occurring at a fast pace.  It is nearly impossible to stay up to date alone.  This format allows structured discussion of research and its application to practice.

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2023 Schedule

January 4 – Rachel Worman – Tone talks #1

February 8 – Megan Swenck – Tone talks #3

March 8 – Beth Shelly and Anu Murherjee – Tone talks #4

April 5 – Mellissa Eagleton

May 3 – Fairview Residents

June 7 – Beth Shelly

July 12 – Terri Roberson Elder

August 9 – Cindy Neville and Melissa Caywood

September 6 – Michelle Spicka

October 4 – Elizabeth Lewis

November 8 – MJ Strahaul

December 6 – Laura Scheufele

Pelvic Physical Therapy Distance Journal Club 2010 to 2016

This blog has outlines of articles discussed (recording links not functional)