Pelvic Physical Therapy Distance Journal Club

A Discussion of Current Literature in the Field of  

Pelvic Physical Therapy (PPT)

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Our Purpose

To provide a forum for discussion of current research and new ideas in the field of pelvic physiotherapy. Research in this area is occurring at a fast pace.  It is nearly impossible to stay up to date alone.  This format allows structured discussion of research and its application to practice.

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2020 Schedule

January 8 – Beth Shelly
February 5 – Tia Dankberg, Jessica
March 4 – Jane Franczak
April 1 – Megan Swenck
May 6 – Tish Rodriquez
June 3 – Trisha Jenkyns
July 8 – to be announced
August 5 – Cindy Neville
September 9 – Michelle Spicka
October 7 – Elizabeth Lewis
November 4 – Laura Scheufele
December 9 – MJ Strauhal